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Uphill Rush – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Uphill Rush is a new level-based racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Known as Uphill Rush Racing on the Android platform, this waterpark physics racer gives you a swimsuit, an inner tube (and numerous other rides), and a lot of upgrades and stunts. You can flip and crash your way through levels, use coins and gems to upgrade and unlock characters, and three-star increasingly quick levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Uphill Rush!

You’re going to need to increase your speed fairly shortly into the game, but luckily you’ll have plenty of coins to collect with which to purchase upgrades later. Go to one of the first three levels for an easy source of coins, and then as your stats increase, you’ll earn more on the later levels, too. Unlock chests as soon as you earn them to get the coins inside.

Go to the main menu, and from there you can go to the character and vehicle select screens. Vehicles can have their speed, acceleration and strength upgraded. Characters can have their balance, boost, and special (trick speed) upgraded. Speed and acceleration are most important (acceleration is especially important for uphill acceleration) but the others will need to follow as speed makes your character trickier to control.

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You have two main ways to unlock new characters: you can use your gems to unlock them, or you can open chests and hope that you earn a character. Each character has their own set of base stats, and the characters which cost more gems tend to be far better characters. Non-exclusive characters can also be unlocked using coins instead of gems when you hit the right experience level.

Scroll all the way to the main menu and you’ll find two new game modes, as well. Hit the endless mode and you can play a randomized level that never ends until you die. These levels have the potential for massive gold earnings, and speed of completion is not a factor here – distance is. The longer you go, though, the tougher the level gets. So the more boosted you are, the farther you’ll tend to go.

Hit the level editor section and you can put your creative side to use, making your own levels and uploading them to the servers so that other players can use them. You can also download levels that other players have created in order to challenge yourself, or to see what ridiculousness other players can make. There are no bonuses for the levels here, but you do get experience points whenever you share a level with others.