Skip to Content – Unlock All Secret Hidden Skins/Vacs is a new game in the .io style for the iOS and Android platforms that fans of and would like. Like in those two games, there are a ton of skins that you can unlock by completing various actions within the game. Some are super easy to unlock, while some are a little bit less so. Read on for some tips on how to unlock all of the secret vacuum skins in!

Standard Vac: This one already comes unlocked when you first play the game.
Vaco: Play tomorrow (aka: play and finish a game two days in a row)
Kid Vaccy: Reach an experience level of 2, or Dust Vaccy

Vac Reggae: Play a game to completion for three days in a row.
Lazy Vac: Eat a total of 500 cars combined (over the span of all the games you play)
Viking Vac: Reach Level 3, which is three-star bronze rating.

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NFL Vac: Eat a total of 500 people altogether over the course of all of your games.
Punk: Eat a total of 5,000 cars over the course of all of your games.
Santa: Reach a total of Level 5, which is Silver 2-star ranking.

Astronaut: Get a high score of 5,000 points in a single game.
Corporal Vac: Eat a total of 5,000 people overall over the course of all of your games.
Vac Graduate: Reach Level 7, which is the Gold 1-star ranking.

Paper Boy: Reach Level 10, which is the Platinum 1-star ranking.
Vac Trump: Play the game for a total of seven days in a row.