Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origins – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origins Is a new mobile RPG by Square Enix for the iOS and Android platforms. This game takes place in a world inspired by Norse mythology (which inspires plenty of Squeenix’s other entries, dating back to old Final Fantasy games), putting you in a role as Lenneth Valkyrie. Your goal is to recruit souls of dead heroes to fight in the war of the gods.

You can collect all sorts of heroes and weapons, strategize and maximize your battle effectiveness, and discover all that this game has to offer as you level up and explore it. Read on for some tips and tricks for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origins!

This game has a fairly unique battle system in that the attacks of each character can all be activated on top of each other, but they won’t always be effective unless you time them right. You need to pay attention to character’s attack animations in order to use them properly. Attacks will flat-out miss if they have nowhere to strike and nobody to hit.

To remedy this, memorize the attack animations and work in the next attack as the current attack is ending. This is especially true for ranged attacks. Fire a projectile as an enemy is recovering from their previous attack, so that the arrow or whatever is shot out can hit its target.

The first thing you should do after the tutorial is to start working on completing the beginner’s challenge panel. The challenge panel will have you do simple things in order to complete challenges, so it’s essentially an add-on to the tutorial. Complete the challenges, and you’ll earn two six-star weapons; having two of the rarest weapon right from the outset will be a huge boost to your gameplay.

Your skills are determined by your weapons, so pick weapons not only based on their basic stats, but based on the skills that are attached to them. Remember how to synthesize your weapons from doing the challenges, and synthesize your weapons with other weapons that have similar skills in order to upgrade the skills. Even nonidentical weapons work for this.

Do as much searching as you can. Your AP can be used for searching an area, and while sometimes the search might seem fruitless, you’ll often find chests, which are good for weapons and orbs. Once you search out 100% of an area, you’ll also get free gems, which are the premium currency of the game.

Always take a companion with you before a battle. You’re given the option every time, and when you take a companion with you, you’ll get support points. Send a sticker, and you’ll gain another support point. And if someone favorites you after you use them as a companion, you’ll get yet another support point. To increase your chances of getting favorited, be sure to set your strongest hero as your favorite, and to give them extra upgrades.

You’ll want to get rid of some of your weapons and orbs at some point, so if you go to the exchange, you’ll be able to sell them in exchange for gold. For anything that is three-stars or more, and for support points, you’ll be able to exchange them for other items, including even rarer orbs.

For your heroes, there isn’t much to upgrade besides the experience levels. All of the upgrades lie in the weapons, so be sure to upgrade them (especially your rarest weapons) in the wildest ways possible. Use tempered crystals for a massive boost to your weapons’ stats.

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