Valkyrie Crusade FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

By | 20130702

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Fighting against enemies or standard bosses won’t cost you any battle points, but battling against archwitches will cost 1 battle point each. The more archwitches you fight and defeat, the higher that you will rank in each of the limited events that occur in the game. You will earn special rewards, such as medals and card packs, for beating archwitches, and even better rewards when the event ends.

Make sure, as previously stated, to max out your soldiers before the toughest archwitch battles, but also, make sure that you are running the most powerful teams of cards that you can get. Card management is at once complicated and simple. You can run up to three attack teams and one defense team at the same time, which can all be summoned from the “edit unit” menu, starting off with a maximum of three cards, and finishing with a maximum of five cards.

If you hit Auto-fill, the game automatically fills your unit with the best available cards that are not currently in a unit, or you can manually fill in your unit yourself. It’s best to spread out your disproportionately powerful cards evenly, and to make sure your defense has plenty of soldiers, because this is something that most people neglect, and then their units end up getting destroyed by powerful players. Don’t forget though, that there are multiple steps to having the best team you can.

First, you need to summon cards. This can be done by going to the summon menu and making either a free/normal summon, which costs friendship points but is free once a day, doing a premium summon (higher chance of uncommon and rare cards, costs gems or a premium ticket), a 10x premium summon (costs 10 times as many gems, gives you 10 cards) or the ultimate summon, which costs an ultimate card pack ticket, which is acquired via the maiden ticket exchange.

Summoning cards is the first part of the game. Upgrading cards is the next part, and is the part that will put your team over the top. The most basic form of upgrading cards is fusion, which allows you to merge one gaining card with up to five sacrificial cards. This increases your card’s experience level, which increases the attack, defense, and max amount of soldiers, without increasing its unit cost.

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