Valkyrie Crusade FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 5

By | 20130705

Welcome to part 5 of the Valkyrie Crusade beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 4 of the guide.

As has been previously mentioned, cards are organized into 8 different rarities: normal, high normal, rare, high rare, super rare, and highly super rare. The “high” versions of every one of these cards can ONLY be had via evolution, so if you are looking for the elusive HSR card, know that you will have to get 2 of the same super rare card (or 5, depending on how many stars the card has) and then evolve it to its maximum evolution point.

Sacred treasures will earn you a special reward, such as a rare card, once you build a collection of 6 of the same ones, making these one of the best methods of getting two of the same rare card. You need six of the same treasure (different colors), and you can get them via the chronicle quests or by fighting and beating other players – whichever treasure you targeted them for is what you will earn. Keep your defense team strong and soldiered up though, so you don’t get beaten by other players, because if another player beats you, you’ll lose whatever card they targeted.

You can also set traps, though, which are one of the many items you can buy in the gem store. Get there from the store tab, and you can find items such as traps, 20% attack and defense buffs, Valkyrie Shoes and Sword (which recover your vitality and battle points) and increases to your card limit.

Arcana are a special type of item that you can use to aid in upgrading your cards (all three methods), and you can buy them using the previously-mentioned rare medals, which can be earned from archwitch battles and as quest rewards or prizes. Arcana’s Blessing increases the chance of a highly successful upgrade. Arcana turn over increases the chance of an evolution accident, as does the strong T.O. Arcana stability prevents evolution accidents from occurring. Arcana training doubles the experience points of a fusion, force attack/strong defense arcana add more attack and defense to your card, while the arcana succession increases the stat transfer by 5%.

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