Valkyrie Crusade FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 6

By | 20130705

Welcome to part 6 of the Valkyrie Crusade beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 5 of the guide.

Adding comrades is one way that you can not only interact with other players, but earn more summons as well. You have a set maximum of comrades that you can add, but as you gain levels in Valkyrie Crusade, you increase the number of maximum comrades that you can add.

Each comrade that you add will earn you 100 Friendship Points. After you have already added them, then you can go and visit their town. You can complete up to three actions per day in each comrade’s town, each earning you 30 friendship points (for a total of 90), and then when you send a greeting, you earn another 10, making 100 friendship points per friend possible every day.

You can also visit the towns of people who are not on your comrade list. You can find them in your alliance usually, or you can add them as you randomly come across them on the road. When you come across someone in Chronicles, whether you greet them or you try to send them a friend request, you will earn 50 Friendship Points either way.

Alliances are teams of multiple players who can form up and join together for the purpose of helping each other out in the Archwitch battles, aiding each other strategically or with items. The atmosphere of the alliance is really meaningless, but the alliances are usually organized on language. They can be either open recruitment to all applicants or require an application to get in, and in addition, they can be set to be searchable or non-searchable by every player.

Once in an alliance, you’ll be able to worship the Goddess for prizes, as well as engage in group chat. You can also contribute resources to your alliance hall to level it up for better puffs, as can your teammates. Your alliance hall will appear differently depending on which is the dominant resource in the alliance. In addition, it changes in appearance for every 5 levels that the hall gains.

Beyond that, anything else in the game is rather secondary, so consider this the end of the guide. Enjoy playing Valkyrie Crusade!