Valkyrie Crusade: Guide to Evolution and Amalgamation, Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of the Valkyrie Crusade guide to Evolution and Amalgamation! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Another occurrence is the evolution accident. An evolution accident occurs when a card’s attributes change completely in the midst of evolution. When it happens, the card will be reborn as a newer and rarer version of its old self, with stronger statistics and different skills. This only happens with certain cards. The cards have to have a “dark” version of themselves in order to be able to have an evolution accident. Only then will they have the potential for that accident to occur.

The accident happens randomly if a card is eligible, regardless of whether or not you use an arcana on it. However, there are two different types of turn over arcana, one of which increases the likelihood of an evolution accident by 20 percent and the other which increases the likelihood of an evolution accident occurring by a whopping 40 percent. There is also an arcana which causes an evolution accident not to happen, although they’re unlikely to happen anwyays, making this (in my opinion) a rather useless arcana.

Amalgamation is a third tab on the “upgrade” menu. An amalgamation allows you to turn two different cards into a third, completely different card, which can only be gotten via amalgamation. The card will be no more rare than the two cards that you choose for the amalgamation, but it will be completely different, and its statistics will likely be better.

The process is the same as with the evolution. Go to the amalgamation tab in the upgrade menu, and then look for any cards on the left side that are lit up. If you see any, then that means that the card that is lit up is eligible for amalgamation, and that its match is already in your deck. Any of the dark cards are cards which are eligible for amalgamation, but that you do not yet have the match for.

Finally, a couple of extra tips. Your cards will get a statistic bonus for evolution if they are maxed out in level, and if they are maxed out in friendship. The higher friendship card in the evolution will take the friendship of the lower card.

Click here to go to the full list of all Amalgamations and Evolution Accidents in Valkyrie Crusade!

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