Valkyrie Crusade: Guide to Evolution and Amalgamation

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Valkyrie Crusade is a card battling game for the iPhone and other iOS devices which features many ways of upgrading your cards. You can use fusion to power up your cards at the expense of other, weaker cards in your repertoire. You can use evolution to increase the rarity and the statistics of your cards. Lastly, you can use amalgamation to take two cards and transform them into a completely different and rarer card. Amalgamation is the only way to get certain cards in the game. Read on for a guide on evolution and amalgamation!

Evolution is the process of taking two identical cards and turning them into one single, more powerful card. It will still be the same character, just a more advanced version of the same character. The vast majority of cards can evolve, but some can evolve more than once. Go to the “upgrade” screen in the menu and tab over to evolution to get there.

Once you’re there, your cards will be either dark or light. Tap one of the lit up cards and drag it over to the main card slot. Then tap a card that shows up in the secondary card slot and you’ll be able to evolve it. The stars at the top of the card’s picture show how many levels you can evolve it. Some, like the slimes, cannot be evolved at all. Other cards, such as zombies, can be evolved 4 times, for a total of 5 levels of evolution.

When you evolve a card, after you evolve it to the maximum level, the rarity of the card will increase. With most cards that you evolve, the rarity will increase by one (for example, from normal to high normal, or N to HN); however, the more evolution levels that are available on a card, the more a card will increase in rarity.

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There are two other occurrences that can happen during evolution. One of them is the evolution transfer. When an evolution transfer happens, 5% of your card’s original stats will be added onto the stats of the new card (so the effect is greater for a card that has had more upgrades performed on it) Normally, there is a very small chance of this, but you can use certain Arcana, such as the Arcana Succession, to increase the chances of this happening.

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