Valkyrie Crusade: How to easily win duels and archwitch battles

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There is quite a bit going on with Valkyrie Crusade, with the card battle and city building combination, but like all good card battlers, there is quite a bit of battling in this game. The main forms of battling are duels, where you fight against other players of the game in order to get sacred treasures, which you can then trade for prizes, and archwitch battles are event-related battles against raid bosses that can earn you cards, rare medals and other prizes such as maiden tickets. Read on for advice on how to win the toughest duels and archwitch battles!

One of the biggest factors for who will win any particular duel is whose cards have more soldiers assigned to them. Soldiers, of course, are the game’s equivalent of hit points, and while each card starts off with 100 assigned soldiers, you can assign thousands of cards, more depending on the power and rarity of the card. It doesn’t matter AT ALL what level the other player is or how strong their cards are. If they forgot to assign extra soldiers to their defensive unit, then they will be easy pickings.

This, of course, assumes that you already have assigned soldiers to your cards, especially your strongest one. Put at least one rare card in your main party, and assign the maximum, or near-maximum amount of soldiers to it (and, preferably, to your other cards, but most of your battles should be winnable with just the one powerful card).

So go to the duels screen, and tap a player’s profile. Look at how many soldiers each of their cards has. Oftentimes you’ll find a player who has 100 soldiers per card (because they forgot to upgrade), 1 soldier per card (because they got attacked and then never healed up), or some other ridiculously low number of soldiers.

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For the archwitch battles, again, have the maximum possible amount of soldiers. For both battles, make sure that your cards are upgraded and evolved to high levels, especially the rare cards. Concentrate ALL of your normal fusion upgrades on the rare cards, leaving the normal cards to be upgrade fodder.

Maximize the resource buildings in your kingdom, and the storehouses, so that you can have the highest possible amounts of ether, iron and gold. Level them up regularly, so that you can earn more gold, iron and ether per hour, because each soldier costs 2 of each to buy.

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