Valkyrie Crusade: How to get more battle points, vitality and alchemy tickets

By | 20130612
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In Valkyrie Crusade, battle points are used to engage in an archwitch battle. Every time that you fight an archwitch, you use one battle point. Vitality is used to engage in the chronicles quests. Each step you take uses vitality points. Alchemy tickets are used to unlock summons and high-grade crucible summons, which earn you normal cards, rare cards, and (best prizes of all) special cards, such as the Philosopher’s Stone, Metal Slime and Gold Girl. Read on to learn how to get more of all three of these!

To begin the game, you have only 5 battle points. Once you use up one battle point it takes 5 minutes to recover, and considering how often you come across archwitches (especially if you are in an alliance, and are invited to help assist in the defeat of someone else’s archwitch), they can run out fairly easily. Increase your maximum number of battle points by buying the Yggdrasil, the Magic School, or both. Both of these cost jewels, though. Upgrade them to further increase the amount of battle points.

Vitality also recovers over time, but if you increase your experience level, you will get a full revival in vitality. Increase your maximum vitality by upgrading your castle enough to where you unlock the Great Temple, and then build the Great Temple. Level it up, as well – the more you level it up, the more your maximum vitality will increase.

There are certain items that can be found in your items list, and earned through quests or purchased with jewels, which can restore both your battle points and your vitality. The Valkyrie Shoes restore your vitality, while the Valkyrie Light Shoes restore half of your vitality. The Valkyrie Sword restores your battle points in full, while the Valkyrie Light Sword restores half of your battle points.

You can get more alchemy tickets by participating in the events, defeating as many archwitches as you can. Assist in your alliance members’ archwitch battles as well, and you will earn more alchemy tickets. Not only can you also earn them from winning duels, but various quests will also contain alchemy tickets as a reward, so check your quest rewards as often asp ossible.