Valkyrie Crusade: How to get more friendship points

By | 20130612

Friendship points are the lifeblood and backbone of your card collecting in Valkyrie Crusade. Friendship points allow you to do your regular summons (for 100 points apiece), and even though you can earn rarer cards by doing the premium and ultimate summons, you’ll earn the vast majority of your cards with the friendship point summons (regular summons. Read on to find out how to get more friendship points!

Add as many comrades as possible. Each time that you add a comrade, you’ll earn 100 friendship points. From there, you can earn even more friendship points with greetings and by visiting their city. Greeting someone who is on your friends list will earn you 10 friendship points. Going to their city and tapping on three buildings with hearts appearing above them will earn you 90 friendship points.

You can do these up to once a day, allowing you to earn up to 100 friendship points per day per friend. Praising someone doesn’t really earn you any friendship points. Going to the city of someone you don’t have on your comrades list and greeting them earns you 2 friendship points.

Completing quests can also be a huge source of friendship points. Most quests that you complete that have nothing to do with resources or with beating a castle in the chronicles mode, will earn you friendship points, making this one of the best ways to collect them.

Yet another method of earning friendship points is through completing chronicles stages. As you go through the chronicles quests and spend your vitality, you’ll often come across other players, whom you can either greet, or invite to become your comrade. No matter which one you do, you’ll earn 50 friendship points. At random times during a battle, someone else’s card will come in and attack the enemy, also earning you 50 friendship points when this happens.

Lastly, everytime the game prompts you to “share” an accomplishment on Facebook or Twitter, share it on one or both and you can earn friendship points. And finally, on random days, the daily bonus will consist of friendship points.