Valkyrie Crusade: How to get more Jewels, Maiden Tickets and Rare Medals

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Valkyrie Crusade is a card game that not only has a ton of collectible cards (well over 200 total), but many other things to collect and earn which can help you further your cause. Jewels are the premium currency in the game. While you don’t really need them in order to get much done, they’re nice to have, especially for the city building aspect in the “kingdom” portion of the game. Maiden tickets allow you to buy many goods, especially the Ultimate Summon, which is one of the only methods of earning a SR (super rare) card in the game. Rare medals are another “premium” currency which have their own shop in the kingdom area. Read on to find out how to get more Maiden Tickets, Rare Medals and Jewels in Valkyrie Crusade!

Jewels are, as stated before, the rare currency in the game, and while they don’t come around that often, there actually are quite a few ways to earn them. One of them is to complete quests. There are a ton of quests to complete, but the ones which have nothing to do with upgrading your resource-producing buildings in your kingdom are the ones most likely to give you jewels (especially the ones which involve beating a world in the Chronicles mode or a certain number of archwitches).

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The other way, of course, is to buy them. You can buy jewel packages in the stores which will cost you anywhere between one dollar and 99 dollars, depending on how many jewels you buy.

To get more maiden tickets, participate in one of the current events as much as you can. Maiden tickets are your reward at the end of an event for beating enough of the main enemies in the event and earning enough participation points. The higher your rank on the global scale, the more maiden tickets you will receive at the end of the event.

To get more rare medals, beat more of the archwitches and other event bosses, and then go and claim the rewards. The tougher the archwitch, the more rare medals that you earn. You can also go to the “medal exchange” in the “edit deck” area and sell certain cards, such as metal slimes, for rare medals, and certain quests will earn you rare medals, too.

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