Valkyrie Crusade: How to get more soldiers and resources

By | 20130612

Unlike other card battling crusades, Valkyrie Crusade has a strong city building element pulled from the world of MMO strategy games. This involves the collection of resources to use in hiring soldiers (as well as other uses). Gold, especially, has plenty of uses in upgrading your cards. Soldiers are the most expensive use of resources, but they are arguably the most important use as well, because soldiers serve as the “hit points” for your cards, plus increase the power at which they are able to attack and defend. Read on for some tips and tricks for getting more soldiers and resources!

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Getting and holding more resources is basic. Upgrade your farm to increase the gold acquired, your ether furnace to increase your ether, and your ironworks to collect more iron. Build as many of the resource-gathering buildings as the game will allow you to at your experience and castle level, and level your castle up for the ability to build and upgrade further. Build and upgrade your storehouses to hold more resources at a time.

You can also acquire resources by claiming quest rewards, which are almost always specific to the type of building that you just upgraded. For example, an ether furnace upgrade to a new level will earn you more ether as a reward. Resource imbalances also occur, so build a market after you upgrade your castle to level 4. This will enable you to trade one resource for another. Finally, you can buy more resources in the store, too, or earn them randomly on your Chronicles quests.

Each card begins with 100 soldiers, but takes a certain maximum amount of soldiers. If your card dies in battle, it will usually regenerate with just one soldier (though sometimes it will regenerate with the previous number of soldiers. This is the only time in the game that you can get free soldiers). Tap the card to assign soldiers to it.

The rarer, higher leveled, and more powerful the card, the more soldiers it can use. Upgrade, evolve and amalgamate your card to increase the maximum number of soldiers you can use. Note that soldiers will carry over from card to card when cards are upgraded or evolved. As your card takes hits from enemies, area bosses and archwitches (and from other players in duels) you’ll lose soldiers (since they serve as hit points) so you’ll have to use your resources to regenerate soldiers for each card.

Soldiers normally cost 2 gold, 2 ether and 2 iron each to recruit. To decrease the number of resources needed for more soldiers, build a parliament building in your city. Upgrade it to further reduce the cost of soldiers. And finally, you can buy soldiers using jewels, if you’d like, although since you can simply wait it out, collect more resources and get soldiers without spending any jewels, I’d recommend against it unless you’re extremely desperate to win some battles.