Valkyrie Crusade Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130607

Valkyrie Crusade is a new game that combines collectible card battling with strategic city/base building for a multifaceted gaming experience. Your goal is to build up your kingdom and collect resources, while at the same time collecting cards and enhancing them through various methods, such as evolution and amalgamation, and then battling against other players and going on quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Valkyrie Crusade for the iPhone and Android!

Your main source of new cards is friendship points, and you can get them by various means. For example, you get them just for having comrades, or for visiting your comrades, tapping on their buildings, greeting them and praising them. But you can get even more any time that you accomplish something by linking the game up with a Facebook or Twitter account. So what do you do if you don’t want to bug everyone with Valkyrie Crusade posts?

Easy, simply make a dummy Twitter account, and enable the game on Facebook but set “who can see my posts” to “only me”. Then, you can post as many times as you want and earn friendship points for all of them.

Use your friendship points to load up on cards, and then go to the upgrade menu. First, take all of the cards out of your attack and defense formations, because you can’t evolve or amalgamate a card that is in a formation. Then, amalgamate your cards first (because evolution might take an amalgamable card out of circulation). Then, evolve the cards (use your arcana for evolution if you want to make an evolution accident happen, which can completely change your card’s characteristics).

Only then should you enhance the cards. Don’t enhance first because most of the statistical gains will be lost if you evolve or amalgamate a card that’s been leveled up by enhancing it.

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Some cards can evolve more than once. See the stars at the top of each card? That’s how many times you can evolve them, and each time that you evolve them, one star will be filled in. Some cards can be evolved up to four times each, which can turn a normal card into a high rare card.

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