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Valor and Valor HD Resource Guide: How to get and store more wood, clay and iron

In Valor and Valor HD for the Android and iPhone, you have three resources to collect. Those are wood, clay and iron. All three of these resources contribute to just about everything that you do in the game, including building new buildings, upgrading the buildings that you already have, and training new troops. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get more resources!

The first way to get resources in this game is to start upgrading and building your lumbermill, quarry and your iron mine. Your lumbermill will earn you more wood, your quarry will earn you more clay, and your ironmine will (obviously) work to get you more iron. Each of these automatically gives you the resources, so you don’t have to go back and collect from them. Each one will earn you a certain amount per hour, which will increase following any upgrades.

To store more resources, build and upgrade your warehouse. With each subsequent upgrade, the maximum amount of resources that your warehouse can store will increase. This number is notated in the fourth number from the left on the top resource bar.

To hide resources for when a rival comes and attacks, build and upgrade the hiding place. The hiding place can store a number of each resource beyond the reach of not only attacks by other players, but even by the scouting of other players. Each time you upgrade the hiding place, it keeps more and more resources safe from attackers.

And lastly, one of the best ways to get more resources in the game, especially if you have a strong army, is to attack nearby players and their bases, and raid them of their resources. Once you get to the point of regularly raiding other players and winning, you can even take some of the focus off of the constant upgrades on your resource buildings and simply attack people when you need something else.