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Vault! (Nitrome) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Vault! is a new endless running and pole vaulting game by Nitrome Inc for the iOS and Android platforms. The goal here is to go as far as you can, drop your pole and vault over obstacles at just the right times, and of course, collect coins as you do so. Read on for some tips and tricks for Vault!

You can vault different distances depending on how long you hold down on the screen. As soon as you let go of the screen, the pole will go away and the vault will end and you will drop back down. You can do this right at the beginning of the vault for a really short jump, or just past halfway for an even longer vault than if you were to hold it down the whole time.

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You can also put the pole down on different surfaces, even sidewalls, although the sidewalls will often cause your pole to slip off. Drop your pole either on the left side of the pit or on the right side of the pit for different landing points for your jump. Whether you should do one or the other depends on what the next platform looks like.

You can collect coins in this game, and you should collect as many as you can. Right now there are no additional characters or other goodies like that available to purchase, but you CAN purchase restarts after you lose at a stage if you want to keep going for a long time. Generally it’s best to only purchase restarts if you are very close to breaking your high score.

You can watch a free ad video after you lose and that will give you a restart; however, you can only do this once per round. So after you lose for the second time, you can pay the requisite 50 coins for a second restart. Maximize the number of restarts in order to maximize your potential score.

Watch out for those two red ball/switches right next to each other. These can often be the toughest obstacle to bypass. If you want to pass them easily, the surefire way to do so is to wait until the last possible second, then hit the screen to vault and hold the screen until your vault is completely over. The pole will go through the red balls, but you won’t if you hit them.