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VEGA Conflict: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

VEGA Conflict is a new release of an old game that original came out for Facebook, and now has made its way to the iOS and Android platforms. This Kixeye strategy game puts you in charge of building a base and strengthening it so that you can fight wars against other players, destroy their bases, and expand your power and influence across the galaxy. Read on for some tips and tricks for VEGA Conflict!

Constantly be upgrading all of your modules, but most importantly, upgrade the defense modules that you have on your space station. Your defense modules are responsible for attacking enemy ships who try to attack you, so upgrade them, max them out, and they, combined with your ships stationed at your base, can serve to drive out your attackers.

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Be sure that all of your ships are targeting the same enemy at once when you are battling. The quicker that you take out an individual ship, the faster that one source of shots at you disappears. The same goes for any defense module that you want to take out. Take them out to stop them from shooting at you, although ships tend to be more dangerous.

Keep your resource collection modules upgraded to the highest degree possible. You’ll need to do this in order to mine Helium-3, Mineral Ore and Zynthium. Your markets need to stay built and upgraded too in order to earn as much cash as possible. If you are heavy into raiding and stealing resources to the point that your resource collectors make up a minority of what you get, though, this is not all that important.

Need to figure out what to do next? Go follow the quest, because there is always at least one available. Over the course of completing quests you’ll build up your base, along with its defenses and offenses, as well as strengthen your fleet and find new sources of resources and fleet battles.

Research new equipment, and keep looking for blueprints. All of these will allow you to build more new types of ships, as well as outfit your ships with better weapons and armor so that they can mount stronger attacks on the opposing fleets and bases, while taking less damage themselves. All of these upgrades will help you to increase your overall rank as well as make yourself more useful to any guild that you join (or create).