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Virtual Beggar: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

You can buy a puppy from the menu; this will cause the coins that the other residents of the city will toss you, to be worth more. In the same menu there will be other power ups, such as a motel. These will do the same thing. Residents will pay you more as you purchase more of these specific power ups.

Two power ups that can increase your income for tapping are the multiplier and the powerup for a windfall every so and so taps. The multiplier doesn’t work right away, but as you tap you’ll see it rise, and this increases how high it will be able to rise. The windfall taps will occur every 50, then 45, etc. taps depending on the power ups that you get, and they will cause about 15 coins to fall from one tap.

If you play the game a whole lot, power up your coins per minute. If you don’t play it a lot but you want to earn a lot of coins per minute, set your phone down, and make sure the screen is set not to auto-lock. Then leave it down, charge it if you need to, and let all of the coins build up over time.

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Hire and fire workers as you need to if you don’t have enough money or virtual cards built up to put all of the workers that you want to in one space. Your workers will keep their upgrade levels, so if you fire them and then hire them back later when you have enough room to put more than three workers in your business, you’ll have an advantage to start right out with.

Every once in awhile, various power-ups will appear. Pick them up, as they will cause you to receive a generous outpouring of coins from the residents of the city. This is also when they drop the most Virtual Cards, so watch for them and tap them as soon as you see them.

In the most recent updates of the game, they have added some multiplayer modes. For example, in the library, now you can go to the ping pong table and compete against other players in exchange for money. Play these competitions for a way to earn money that’s a little bit quicker than the usual ways, and is also a good way to kill boredom.

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