Virus War: UPDATED Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Virus War is a new space shooter game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to blow away viruses of ever-increasing strength, while also unlocking new add-on secondary weapons, increasing the strength of your primary weapons, and continuously increasing the number of coins and gems that you earn.

This game is quick and casual, yet long and in-depth, so you can play for as long of a time or as short of a time as you want. The level count has become massive, to the point where many players are making it well past level 1,000 in Virus War, and the developers keep adding more and more levels, and with that come more and more challenges for us to beat.

You can load up on a large amount of weapons and weapon upgrades, as well as collect more of them via power-ups during the game. And you’re going to need them, too, because you’re going to start going up against harder and harder viruses. Once you get to those super-advanced stages, the levels are gradually going to get extremely, extremely hard.

Plus, we have plenty of ways for you to get Free Gems and Free Energy. Not only that, but we have ways to get unlimited offline income in very short periods of time, using cheats that most players might not be aware of. And with the Endless Mode providing some of the wildest challenges in the game, we have some tips and tricks for how to get extremely far on Endless Mode, as well.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Virus War!

How To Survive in Virus War

During the levels themselves, at first the enemies won’t seem too dangerous, but after awhile you’ll start facing ones that shoot at you and bounce all around the level, giving you an actual challenge. Of course, their hit points will be higher, making them tougher to kill than before.

Your goal should always be to avoid getting hit first and foremost. Even if you don’t target the enemy when you do slide around, you will still target them later as you’re moving around the level.


You can collect all kinds of power-ups in the middle of each level. These range from the coin bonus to all sorts of firepower and shot multiplier bonuses. The coin bonus is arguably the most valuable since it will allow you to upgrade far, far faster.

The slowdown upgrade will slow you and the viruses down, but it won’t slow your shots down. The expander will increase the size of all viruses, which will make it tougher to avoid them but will also make it easier to shoot more of them.

Other than those, most of the power-ups will deal directly with firepower or shot frequency. Either way, pick up every power-up that you can to make each stage much easier to beat.

UPDATE: There is also a new way to earn power-ups using ad videos if you have an internet connection. The way to do that is to let go of the screen. A power-up icon will appear next to your ship.

Sometimes, it will be available using gems, but most of the time it will be available in exchange for watching an ad video. Also, the power-up available will change somewhat randomly. Most of the time, though, it will be a free magnet that will take effect once the ad video is done.

Endless Mode

An update has added Endless Mode to the game, but it won’t be available immediately. Instead, to get endless mode, you have to make it to level 75.

The icon will appear on the main menu beforehand, but it will be grayed out, and if you tap it, it will say “Available at Level 75”. Once you make it to at least that level, though, you will be able to play in Endless Mode.

If you expect Endless Mode to be like the standard level modes, you would be sorely mistaken. It’s complete chaos. The levels are filled by so many viruses that it’s hard to tell what you’re doing, and if you last even 10 seconds at the beginning, that means you’ve done extremely well.

Luckily, that also means that your original secondary weapon, the Big Green Bubble Shooter, is massively overpowered for endless mode compared to other secondary weapons. Most secondary weapons fire shots that disappear after they hit their targets.

The big green bubbles, though, simply float up the screen, damaging every virus that they come in contact with until they float away. So in Endless Mode, the big green bubbles will do an absolutely incredible amount of damage due to the massive amount of viruses.

Upgrade Guide

There are a ton of upgrades that you can do both to your ship and to your account. First and foremost, upgrade the amount of coins you earn per enemy that you kill, in the coin part of the upgrade menu.

This will increase your income per coin that you would have earned, with coins bouncing out when you kill enemies. When you combine that with blowing away large numbers of enemies, you’ll get wealthy very quickly, especially as you go to higher and higher levels, with more enemies to kill.

As far as your weapons go, your primary upgrades are to your firing rate and your firepower. Firepower increases the damage per bullet that you fire, while firing rate allows you to shoot more shots per minute. When firing rate is high enough, you’ll start firing more and more bullets side by side, for higher spray-ish damage.

Keep both of these upgraded to about an even level so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Each successive upgrade costs more coins, so to make this easy, keep going for the cheapest upgrade first.

Unlimited coins and energy cheat…kind of

If you want to get your energy back right away, all you have to do is go to the date and time settings menu, then set the time ahead by an hour or two, and then when you go back to the game, all of your energy will be restored.

The same trick will work for your offline income, as well. Go to the date and time settings, then set the timer ahead for however much you want to. Then you’ll be able to collect all of that offline income all at once.

THERE IS A CATCH. If you do that, then once you set your time back to normal, you will not be able to collect anything again until the same amount of time passes that you cheated off of the game. So if you set your time a month ahead, you’re screwed.

Unlock and Upgrade your Secondary Weapons

Keep cruising from level to level; eventually, starting when you hit level 5, then level 20, and more, you’ll unlock secondary weapons, which mount automatically to your ship and provide additional firepower. You can switch back and forth between any unlocked weapon that you want that’s unlocked.

Keep in mind too that the most recent unlock isn’t necessarily the best secondary weapon. The question of best or worst depends on your playing style; for example, the first secondary weapon that you unlock, the Big Green Bubble Shooter, can do HUGE damage just by floating multiple bubbles across the screen and having crowds of viruses run into them.

It’s generally one of the best secondary weapons in the game, and the farther into the game you go, it becomes more and more overpowered compared to almost every other secondary weapon, due to the ability to hit any and every number of viruses without disappearing until it floats off of the screen.

With each secondary weapon, you can upgrade both the firepower and the strength of the weapon. Strength upgrades are hugely expensive and it isn’t immediately obvious what they do. The name is non-specific.

The strength upgrades are as valuable as their price would suggest, though. They increase the firing speed of your secondary weapon as well as the size of each shot. Each upgrade is a “bigger, faster, better, more” upgrade, so to speak.

Firepower upgrades, on the other hand, simply increase the amount of damage done by each shot. At first the increases are small, but as the levels get higher, so does the amount of firepower per upgrade.

Occasionally, you can watch an ad video in order to try out a highly-upgraded version of your secondary weapon for one stage. The upgrades will be completely ridiculous (level 100 Strength and level 2,000 Firepower, for instance), allowing you to see just what all of those upgrades do, as well as allowing you to beat a tough stage far more easily.

Earning Tons of Coins and Becoming Rich

To earn more coins extremely quickly, be sure to take the ad video offer whenever you finish the level. Once you take the offer, a commercial will play, and when the commercial is done, your income will be tripled. This is especially worth it on levels where you earn a particularly high amount of coins.

When the bar at the bottom of the level fills up, you’ll open up the Jackpot area. Once the ad video finishes, instead of the usual x3, you’ll get a roulette that you can spin for a x10 bonus maximum. The minimum bonus here will be x4, so even if you are an unlucky spinner, you still win.

On the main level select menu, there is also a little area where coins will collect, giving you a small passive income. Go here and collect your coins frequently; they add to the amount of upgrades you’re able to do, allowing you a whole bunch of extra firepower.

They won’t earn a massive amount of coins in a short period of time; this is more for long term earnings. After you have been offline for a long time (such as overnight, a week, or more), go here and since the passive income circle never stops earning, you’ll be able to collect a gigantic sum of money.

How To Get Free Gems

Gems are the premium currency of the game, but despite that status, you can load up on gems for free in multiple ways. One of them is to keep collecting the login reward every day. Collect for seven days in a row and days two, five, and seven will provide gems.

The other way to earn free gems is to complete entries in the Viruspedia, located under the hamburger menu button right under the login rewards area. Fill the bar underneath one of the viruses, to begin with. When the bar is full, a red dot will appear next to the Viruspedia button.

When it does, go to the Viruspedia and a gem reward will be available. The gem rewards can be earned when you kill a specific number of the virus. Kill enough of it to fill the bar, then collect.


Energy in Virus War works similarly to how to does mainly in puzzle games. You use five energy to play a stage, and then if you beat the stage, you regain the energy that you spent. If you lose at the stage, your five energy will be gone.

Luckily, you get 80 energy maximum. So if you use all of your energy, it will be a very short time before you get enough back to play one level again as you recover one energy every six minutes. It takes awhile to get the full load back, though.

You can spend gems to get your energy back, or you can wait out the energy restoration. If you’re on a super tough level, use the last of your energy right before you go to bed, and when you wake up, your energy will be restored. Or use Stage Select to make it easy to get free energy.

Stage Select – Go Back and Replay Old Levels

This game has a limited level-select feature in it that is completely hidden, but allows you to go back to any of the previous six levels before the current one that you’re on. All you have to do is tap on the number of the level that you’re currently on.

Once you do, a small hex grid of level numbers will pop up. You can pick either your current level, or you can pick any of the six levels before it. This provides an excellent option if you want to earn some extra coins but you’re coming up to a level that’s a bit too tough to beat.

What this option is really good for, though, is cheesing your way to free gems, and by extension, free energy. When you replay a level, every virus that you kill will fill up the Viruspedia. As you hit certain Viruspedia milestones, you’ll be able to collect free gem rewards. And every time you play any level (including old ones), you won’t lose energy if you win.

So go back to old levels and play them again, knowing you’ll win. Fill up the Viruspedia, then go there and collect your free gem rewards. Then if you are almost out of energy, go and spend your gems on some energy. Then start moving forward and challenging the current levels, especially the boss levels.

Monthly Membership

There is a monthly subscription membership that you can buy for just five dollars per month, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. The membership is inexpensive, yet it includes plenty of bonuses to speed up your progress.

For one thing, you will earn 400% currency whenever you watch an ad video, instead of the 200% that you would normally earn from taking the ad bonus without the subscription.

Second, whenever you die in the middle of any level, you will have the option to restart from where you left off by paying just one gem. This is in addition to the usual video restart, giving you two restarts per level.

Finally, you will earn a whopping 50 bonus gems per day when you have the membership. This is more than enough gems to buy plenty of restarts, as well as lots of extra coins and energy.

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