Virus War: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Virus War is a new space shooter game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to blow away countless enemies, each one stronger than the last, while also unlocking new ships, upgrading your current ship to increase its fire power, and questing from level to level.

You can load up all the crazy amount of weapons, as well as collect more of them via power-ups during the game, as any good space shooter would have you do. Read on for some tips and tricks for Virus War!

During the levels themselves, at first the enemies won’t seem too dangerous, but after awhile you’ll start facing ones that shoot at you and bounce all around the level, giving you an actual challenge.

Your goal should always be to avoid getting hit first in for most. Even if you don’t target the enemy when you do slide around, you will still target them later as you’re moving around the level.

There are a ton of upgrades that you can do both to your ship and to your account. First and foremost, upgrade the amount of coins you earn per shot.

This will greatly increase your income, and when you combine that with blowing away enemies, you’ll get wealthy very quickly.

As far as your weapons go, your primary upgrades are to your firing rate and your firepower. Firepower increases the damage per shot, while firing rate allows you to shoot more shots per minute.

Keep both of these upgraded to about an even level so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Keep cruising from level to level; eventually, starting when you hit level 20, you will unlock your first brand new ship.

As you go further and further forward, you will keep on unlocking more and more ships, each of which has its own different style of weapons, and it’s own upgrades that you can purchase.

To earn more coins extremely quickly, be sure to take the ad video offer whenever you finish the level. Once you take the offer, a commercial will play, and when the commercial is done, your income will be tripled. This is especially worth it on levels where you earn a particularly high amount of coins.

On the main level select menu, there is also a little area where coins will collect, giving you a small passive income.

Go here and collect your coins frequently; they add to the amount of upgrades you’re able to do, allowing you a whole bunch of extra firepower.

Also, be sure to upgrade this passive income as well. This is an easy one to forget, but upgrades are cheap and hugely effective, especially when you have to set the game down for a long period of time.

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