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Vlogger Go Viral – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Vlogger Go Viral is a new idle clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you play as a YouTuber who starts their own channel and starts putting out videos, and your goal is to make it as popular as possible by producing lots of videos, purchasing upgrades and then doing it all over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Vlogger Go Viral!

When you tap while making a video, you will cut about three seconds off of the time that’s left. Whenever you are in the middle of producing a video (which takes an hour to do), look for one of the flying coffees to come across the screen. Tap it to grab it and once you do, you will take off about 9 seconds per tap instead for about ten seconds.

Once you finish a video, you’ll gain experience on the topic of that particular video. Once you gain enough experience to fill up the green bar, you’ll gain one star for that topic, which will add a bonus to your stats, such as 10 percent more coins earned per video of that topic. Keep adding stars to a topic to earn far more coins for it.

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As far as the upgrades go, tap on the camera icon to purchase upgrades which increase the amount that you earn when you finish a video. Tap on the megaphone to unlock upgrades that increase how much money you make per second at all times, including when you are offline. Do this and then stay offline if you want a consistently better way to earn coins.

Hit the play icon whenever and you can then “watch a video” that you have already made. Tap on the thumbs-up button for the green comments to approve them, and when you see a comment with red text (spam or insults), hit the red button to delete it. You will earn coin bonuses for hitting the right button on each comment.

Want to get some free gems? Be sure to complete all of the achievements that you can. Go to the achievements section in the menu to access them. You should especially go here if you have completed quests with rewards that are currently ready to collect. If you take too long, you won’t get the rewards.