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Void Troopers: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Void Troopers is a new bullet-hell themed clicker game for the iOS and Android platform where a sci-fi space shooter, similar to the 16-bit days, plays out right in front of you, but rather than control the ships yourself, your goal is to buy new companions and upgrade your own bullets, while tapping to fire shots at the enemies. You can loot gold and gems, progress from galaxy to galaxy, complete missions and achievements, and time-warp back to the first galaxy to prestige. Read on for some tips and tricks for Void Troopers!

At first, upgrading your primary ship will serve as your primary method of toughening up to take on stronger enemies. You’ll unlock the Quadrupo shortly in, though, which is your first companion ship, and which fires automatically on enemies. Unlock more and more companion ships, and you will soon be at a point where you don’t even need to tap anymore due to the amount of damage that they do.

Once you get to that point, lay off of the tapping until you can upgrade your primary ship to level 50 or above, which indicates Phase 3. Once your primary ship hits Phase 3, 1% of your fleet’s DPS will be added to your tap damage, and will make up the majority of the damage that you do when you tap. Keep upgrading your auxiliary ships and your tap damage will increase as well.

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Take advantage of every free ad offer that you come across. You can watch an ad in order to increase your income by 50% for an hour. Collect all of your daily prizes and timed prizes, and be sure to send fleets out on a quest as often as you can, and speed them up using ad offers. Collect the rewards from achievements, as they are your top way of earning free gems.

If you get beaten by a boss, and you don’t have the money to upgrade yet, then plug your phone in and let your game charge for awhile with Void Troopers active and your phone set with the auto-sleep off. Come back after awhile and your gold quantities will be massive. Then fight the boss again, move on, and repeat this whenever you feel like you need a bit of juice for the boss.

Another strategy: Save your special moves until you are fighting the boss. They take a long time to recharge but they do a large amount of damage, so they come in especially handy against a strong boss. When the boss appears, especially a galaxy boss with its own dialogue, use your special moves to blow it away quickly.