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WAKFU Raiders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

WAKFU Raiders is a brand new mobile RPG based off of the PC online RPG WAKFU. This game brings insanely good graphics and movie-quality animation to the typical Soul Clash/Heroes Charge method of gameplay and character collection, as well as an engaging story that fans of the original WAKFU should immediately like. Read on for some tips and tricks for WAKFU Raiders!

While your characters will auto attack, you have two main types of special attacks that you can do. Swipe up on a character who is ready and you will pull off their special attack. Do a team attack by tapping team members in a specific order (a different order for a different attack). The color of the elements used in the combo are what decide the attack type.

Summoning entire characters is very rare in the summoning area, but you can earn shards of characters from both types of summons. Get soul shards and once you have enough of them, go to the units page and you will be able to summon a new character. If you already have that character, then you will be able to evolve that character.

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You can enhance characters, which is your main method of powering them up, by earning enough of the correct essences. Each character will require a certain amount of essence, and once you have the requirement filled, they can be enhanced. Go back to old stages if you want to find more essence.

If you need to get powerful without having to spend anything. go back to an old level, preferably the toughest one that you have already beaten, and keep fighting to level up. You can gain player levels and unlock new goodies this way too, but what’s most important is strengthening your players so that you can handle stronger and stronger enemies, and harder and harder game modes.

Gems are the premium currency of the game and your main in app purchase. If you do decide to buy gems, be sure to use the VIP benefits well. If you want gems for free, your best bet is to look through the quests and complete them, as well as to collect all of your rewards, such as the daily login reward.