Walk Master: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Walk Master is a new level-based platformer for the iOS and Android platform where you play as a goat walking on stilts. Stilt-walking, of course, is never easy, so you have to utilize skill and strategy in order to make it to the end of the stage.

You have to swipe to move one leg at a time, and your goal is to move each leg accurately enough in order to get all the way across the stage, to the end of the level, and make it to the next stage. Plus, you can earn coins and unlock new characters.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Walk Master!

The main key for being able to walk for a long period of time is to space out your legs enough before you land. Put your front leg far enough in front of your back leg that you can easily rebound and balance when you stand still.

This amount will change depending on how far forward you’re leaning when you stop. If you’re leaning farther forward, you’re going to have to step a little bit farther forward when you stop, compared to if you’re upright.

If you’re leaning backwards, this changes entirely. If you’re leaning backward, you have to be careful not to fall backward, and stepping forward could inadvertently cause you to fall backward.

You might even be better off stepping backwards in order to steady yourself so that you are standing upright, then continuing forward when you are steady.

You can earn a number of new characters in this game. Each one comes from spending coins, with each character costing the exact same 200 coins. Or you can purchase a random character for 50 coins. You can either get a new character or you’ll end up with a duplicate character.

Hit the checkpoint, and if you die during a round, you’ll be able to start back over from it. Plus, checkpoints contain coins, which you can then use after each round is done in order to purchase more new characters.

You’ll unlock challenges after completing a specific amount of levels. For example, you can unlock Fear of Heights after beating level 10. Complete these challenges for extra special bonuses. For example, three of the characters can only be unlocked from challenges, not by purchasing them.

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