War Commander for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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War Commander is Kixeye’s newest real time strategy and tower defense game. It takes the type of gameplay made famous in Backyard Monsters and takes it to a whole other level while also drawing similarities to Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Read on for more about War Commander!

There are many different types of buildings that you need in War Commander, and they can all be leveled up almost infinitely in order to let you expand your base. The most important are your Command Center and your Power Plants. The command center controls how many of every other building in the game you can build, including the power plants themselves. Power plants provide electricity to every building on your base which is the only way that they will be productive.

Your two main resources are metal and oil. Metal factories and oil pumps will provide you with both of these, while metal storage and oil storage will hold them. Your two storages are very important buildings to upgrade quickly, because as you advance in the game it will cost you far more metal and oil to upgrade any building past level 2, especially the command center.

Your academy and barracks work hand in hand. At the barracks you can train new infantry, while at the academy you can unlock different types of infantry to train, or upgrade your existing infantry troops. Your infantry troops are the basics for both attack and base defense. When you have troops training, you can choose your ‘rally point’ as the place where they will appear after they finish getting trained. Wherever you place them is the area that they will primarily defend when your base gets attacked.

The tech center allows you to unlock new land and air vehicles, as well as upgrade your existing ones. The war factoy let’s you produce new land vehicles, while the airfield let’s you produce new air vehicles. These are your more advanced forms of attack and defense.

Gun turrets are your first line of defense. They should be placed in an area where they can defend your resource buildings. Always have the maximum number of gun turrets built as they alone can mean the difference between warding off an attacker and losing all of your supplies.

Your supply buildings which are most useful to attackers are oil pumps, metal factories, oil and metal storages and your command center. No other buildings can get raided for supplies, so make sure these ones are the most heavily guarded ones.

The GoGo bar draws computer controlled enemy attackers. This can be used to draw fire away from your other buildings and lure enemies into one spot, for easy killing.

To send more troops into battle than you initially can, keep upgrading the command center. The higher the level the more troops you can send.

That’s all for now! You’re now ready to start playing War Commander!

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