War of Nations – Attack Guide: How to earn attack points, capture and destroy bases

By | 20130715

War of Nations is a new MMO war game for anybody out there who happens to be a fan of games such as Risk or Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North. Like all of these MMO strategy games, having a good attack and defense strategy makes the difference between being one of the big dogs on your map, or being the player who constantly gets destroyed by the other players. Oh, and are you wondering how attack points are calculated? Read on for information on attack points and attack strategies in War of Nations!

The main goal in this game is to have as many troops as possible, because the more troops that you have, the stronger your attack will be. Each troop has a specific amount of damage, health, range, speed and capacity. For your offensive troops, speed is more important than range because it decides how long of a time they will stay in view of the enemy. Damage, health, and capacity are simply just excellent for stealing resources.

You can unlock new troops two different ways: Research them, and upgrade the barracks so that you can build them. Researching new troops, of course, requires your research lab to get leveled up too, usually to the same level that your factory has to be in order to build said researched troop. But while you are waiting for another troop to unlock, go to the factory and build more of the troops that you already have.

Go to the “train” area in your factory, and look at the “?” next to any troop that you are interested in training. You’ll see all of their statistics, plus other random strengths – for example, helicopters tend to be strong against tanks and tanks against jeeps, and many more of the troops have very specific strengths and weaknesses.

You never know who exactly is defending in another player’s kingdom, a rogue territory or a renegade area, so send a good mix of every troop that you have unless you have stealth drones ready to go, so that you can figure out information about enemy troops and buildings. Use this to counter enemy troops with the most advantageous of your troops. Counter their long range units with high speed. Destroy their defensive grids to disable the extended range to their long range troops. Use the specified advantages to your own advantage.

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