War of Nations – Defense Guide: How to protect your bases from getting destroyed

By | 20130716

War of Nations, by GREE and Funzio, is a truly addictive MMO strategy game, but it can be extremely frustrating to players whose armies and buildings keep getting destroyed by other players who invade your territory. Other players may beat you which will decrease your army’s morale, cause you to lose troops and resources, and most damagingly, drop your productivity in training, research and resources (depending on which buildings get destroyed) until you repair them. Read on for some tips on how to defend against attackers and keep from getting destroyed!

The first and most basic key to defending your city, especially against higher level player, is to train more troops. Focus on increasing your oil and your iron, as they are required to train troops, and your fuel, which is required to sustain the troops (they use a certain amount of fuel per hour). Upgrade your barracks, do research at the research facility, and upgrade the research facility (in order to facilitate more research, naturally).

Your troops have numerous statistics, including damage they do, health, speed and range, as well as boosted range. Damage and health are self explanatory. Range shows you how far back your troops fight in the battle – the farther back that they fight, the less likely that they are to get attacked. Speed shows how quickly a troop can get to and attack opposing units. Taking this into account, even the jeeps are useful, since they’ll be on the front line.

If you really want to see the range/speed relationship in action, go to a battle report whenever you get attacked (or when you attack). Choose to watch the battle, and the battle simulation will show your troops as they attack and defend in order of their range and speed.

To improve the range of your long-range troops (thus enabling them to defend more effectively and avoid getting attacked), build a defense grid. In the troop statistics page (hit the question mark next to the listed troop in the “training” area), you’ll see a boosted range, which is what the range is for a long range troop when a defense grid exists. Only one defense grid is necessary; a second one provides no additional boost. It only serves as a backup in case the first one gets taken out by an attacker.

Sensor towers are extra useful as well, because they provide a warning when enemies are incoming. When an enemy is incoming, you’ll be about to quickly switch from whatever you are doing at the time to calling your troops back to the base to defend against the enemy – or, if you have extra gold, you can simply buy protection to irritate them.

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