War of Nations – Defense Guide, Part 2: More ways to protect your bases from getting destroyed

By | 20130716

Welcome to part two of the War of Nations defense guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

When you are attacked, none of your currently deployed troops or commanders will be present for the battle; however, all of the ones who are currently at the base will participate. Your commander provides an attack and health bonus to troops, with the “leadership” quantifier being how many troops are affected by the commander’s bonuses. Level up the commander to increase its effectiveness.

It can even be recommended to send stealth drones over to nearby troops’ bases in order to scout out what kind of troops they have. If they have loads of troops, or advanced troops, then know to power yourself up quickly, or even to attack and destroy their troops before they can get to yours.

One excellent way to stop getting attacked is to keep as many outposts around as possible, and keep them unarmed or very lightly armed. When an outpost is destroyed or captured, you end up with 24 hours of protection, so setting up bait to get attacked and destroyed is an easy way to catch a break for a day and get some time to rebuild. Make sure to build one or two warehouses at your bait outposts just so other players have something to go after.

To build advanced troops, of course, set up an outpost over a titanium or uranium patch, and build your uranium drill or titanium mine. Use these to train more powerful troops than you would be able to without a massive amount of research and building upgrades. The uranium and titanium patches are typically towards the center of the map. Extract as much titanium and uranium as you can before you inevitably get your outpost captured or taken over, due to the heavy competition for the patches.

Tap on any of your command centers and hit “reinforce” to send any of your troops and commanders from one of your bases to the other. Best yet, try to get into an alliance as soon as possible. Reinforce your comrades in battle, and request reinforcements whenever you detect an attack or are under a generally heavy period of attack, in order to survive far more easily.