War of Nations FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 4

By | 20130718

Welcome to part 4 of the War of Nations beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 3 of the guide.

Each time that you attack another player, you’ll gain attack points depending on how many of their troops you kill. Their lost troop value will be equal to your attack points; however, if you attack NPCs, you don’t gain any attack points for that.

Each of your commanders has a certain amount of energy. One energy point is used when they are involved in an attack or when they defend against an attack. Luckily, they also gain levels when you get attacked and they defend against the other player, too, so if you are being attacked constantly, this is a good way to level up. You won’t get attack points for killing attacking players’ troops.

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The one building that can’t be destroyed is your command center HQ, which is the command center for your main base. Everything else is fair game. Whenever a building gets attacked, it loses health, and it will be destroyed if its health is gone, which causes it to function at only about half the usefulness (depending on the building) that it would otherwise. Luckily, it’s free to repair a building, and for the majority of buildings, it only takes three seconds to accomplish.

Command centers for your outposts, though, are a different story. When they get attacked, your army loses morale, which recovers over time if your command center doesn’t get attacked. The more attacks are unleashed, and the more effective they are against you, the more morale is lost. Once the morale hits 0, your outpost is either totally destroyed, or is taken over. The more troops that your command center has stationed there (and the stronger your army is), the less likely that you’ll have a building get destroyed or lose your morale and your command centers.

After the battle is done, you will be able to read a report on it using the “Reports” tab. This will tell you how many resources you stole, troops lost, enemy troops lost, your lost resources, and you will also be able to see an animated version of the battle. The animation is great for seeing where your troops are (front and back), thus allowing you to prepare a future strategy.

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