War of Nations: How to get more gold, base power cores, fusion cores and plasma cores

In War of Nations, there are three different cores. Base power cores, base plasma cores and base fusion cores are all used to power bases, allowing you to either start a new outpost or to capture someone else’s outpost (without the right cores, you have to destroy an outpost rather than capture it). Gold is the most premium currency in the whole game, and will buy you the most powerful commanders and other rare items. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

First, what the cores are good for. Cores are never used up, you just need more and more for each base. The base power cores power your first three bases, while base fusion cores will power bases 4, 5, and 6. The base plasma cores will power bases 7, 8, and 9. After that, if you want to set up more bases, you will have to abandon your auxiliary bases and/or outposts.

The main way to get the power, fusion and plasma cores is to attack other bases. Specifically, try to specialize in attacking their warehouses and their command centers. Attacking and destroying will earn you the most cores out of anything. Generally, NPC (non player character) bases, or “renegade bases”, will be the ones which will provide you the most cores.

The rarer the core, the higher level player or NPC that you will have to attack in order to get them. Attacking their resource buildings will do absolutely nothing for your cores, although sometimes you can earn bronze, silver, and gold boxes, which have a shot at earning power, fusion or plasma cores. Destroy the NPC base for an even higher chance at cores than you otherwise would have gotten. The higher level NPC bases and renegade bases will generally be closer to the center of the map.

Finally, you can get more cores by opening the gold, silver and bronze item boxes. The more precious the metal that the box is named after, the more rare the core will be. Also, if you abandon a base, you won’t “get” your cores back, because cores are never actually spent. You’ll be able to use the cores again to start a new base, though, which is important if you want to try to start bases near the map’s center in order to get uranium and titanium.

Lastly, gold. There is only one legitimate way to get more gold, and that is to buy it using the app store. There are hacks that are possible which may allow you to get free gold, but they are a quick way to get banned from the game, and most of them, especially the ones that are hidden behind surveys, are scams. If they do exist, they would probably require a jailbroken phone as well.

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