War of Nations (iOS): How to get new commanders, upgrade and fuse commanders, and get more stars and power cells

By | 20130701

War of Nations is GREE and Funzio’s new hardcore MMO war game, for fans of Funzio’s old fare, such as Modern War and Crime City along with fans of games such as Kingdoms of Camelot. Your battles are fought by your troops, but each set of troops has to have a commander. Commanders provide various buffs. They boost the damage that your units do, as well as the health of your units, and their leadership ratings show you how many of your units get the boosts (for example, if leadership is 89, then 89 units of yours will get that boost). Read on to find out how to get more commanders, fuse them, and upgrade them!

You can get more commanders by getting junior, senior and elite recruits. Junior recruits can earn you commanders of any level, but senior recruits can earn you uncommon or better commanders, while elite recruits will earn you rare commanders. The rarer, the better the stats, obviously. The most common way to find recruits is through bronze, silver, and gold item crates, which are gained through quests, attacking others or from the daily bonuses.

Upgrading commanders is done by buying normal and experimental upgrades, which are purchased using either items or gold depending on the upgrade and what level you are upgrading to. Items such as scrap metal, microchips, salvaged batteries and others are used for these. Noraml upgrades work every time, and they apply to all commanders.

Experimental upgrades, on the other hand, are more of a risk. There is a chance that they won’t work, and if they don’t work, then your upgrade will actually go back down a level (unless it’s at level 1 already, in which case it can’t go any lower). They also apply to all commanders. Experimental upgrades require power cells in order to complete.

Power cells can be earned through quest prizes, from the gold, silver and bronze item crates, and by buying them with gold. The more power cells you use for one upgrade, the higher the chance that it’s successful. Use enough power cells and there is a 100 percent chance of the upgrade working.

There are two ways to fuse commanders. You can either merge them, or you can have one commander absorb other commanders. Merging them requires two of the same commmander, and when they are merged, their maximum level goes up by 10, and their stats improve. A commander can absorb any other commanders, however. Absorbing commanders adds to the gaining commander’s star meter, which increases their stats and increases how much of a stat gain a commander gets from gaining levels. Star boosts, which cost gold, will also provide star points to a commander.