War of Nations (iOS/Android): How to get Titanium and Uranium

In War of Nations, there are four main resources: fuel, iron, money and oil. Even better, though, is that there are two premium resources that you can get in the game, which are Titanium and Uranium. They are not required to be successful in the game, but they are almost required, because they are that useful. Read on to find out how to get more Titanium and Uranium!

First of all, you can build two different resource buildings, one for each one. The Titanium Mine and the Uranium Drill will get you both of these; however, you can’t just build them anywhere. You have to build them on a titanium patch or a uranium patch. Find either one by searching around the map. The uranium patch looks like a green batch of hills, and the titanium patch looks like a white batch of hills.

Once you find them, bookmark the locations, and then send your troops over there to build a new outpost. If you already are maxed out on outposts, then abandon one of your current ones. You’ll already have the necessary power cores, fusion cores or plasma cores because building outposts doesn’t use them up, so don’t worry about that. You’ll have to send a much larger army because the renegades who defend the uranium and titanium patches will be very strong (such as having 1,400 tanks).

Now, build an outpost on these patches. The uranium and titanium patches will be towards the center of the map, generally. Once the outpost is built, you can build the titanium mine and uranium drill, and upgrade them to your heart’s content. Make sure to defend them really well with extra commanders and troops.

You can earn uranium and titanium as rewards for completing various missions, as well. And if you a have a bunch of leftover gold that you want to spend, you can use it that way, as well.

Finally, if you find someone who has already built an outpost on a titanium or uranium patch, and has built a titanium mine or a uranium drill, start attacking, raiding, and stealing in order to get resources from their mine, drill, or from the warehouse that they have set up on their territory. Or, find the other outposts or the main base that the same person has set up, and raid their warehouses, which will contain titanium or uranium.