War of Nations Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

War of Nations is a new battle strategy MMO game for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Your goal is to collect stashes of different resources (oil, fuel, iron, money, uranium and titanium), start new bases and capture other people’s bases, and try to take over as many bases on the map as you can. The game plays like a cross between Risk and Kingdoms of Camelot, since you can attack individual items on a person’s map in order to slowly pick off their city and work your way into the center. Read on for some tips and tricks for War of Nations!

As you build and upgrade new buildings, and attack other enemies’ buildings, you’ll complete missions which will earn you rewards, most of which consist of resources. Hold off on collecting them until you need to spend them. Reason being, if you get attacked by another player, you’ll lose the resources that you have, but if you haven’t collected the rewards yet, you don’t yet have them in your warehouse, meaning they can’t get stolen by other players.

If you find a good place to raid for resources (for example, a lower level NPC base or a base that has long been abandoned by another player), set up an outpost right next to it, so that you can raid them as often and as frequently as possible. If you set up right next to a strong player, send as many troops to the outpost as you need in order to raid the other player and/or take over their territory.

Attack as many low level enemies as you can, and send out as many different commanders with different troops as possible, in order to very quickly earn new power cores so that you can set up more bases. Resources get better as you move towards the center of the map, so try to make your way towards the center. Build right in the middle if you don’t mind taking forever for your troops to get there. Use the “map” button to figure out where you are relative to the center of the map.

If you do build right in the center of the map, start building factories and loading up with troops, opening up even more outposts nearby so that you can maximize your troops, resources, and your size, and not get taken over easily by other players who are in the area.

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