War of Nations Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130630

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At some point in the game you will probably want to abandon one of your outposts in order to find a better location, such as planting your outpost on a uranium or titanium field in order to get uranium or titanium later on. To do this, go to one of your outposts and tap on the command center, and abandon it. Before you do, though, destroy all of the resource buildings on it so that you can get resources back, and pull your commanders and troops out and send them back to your HQ or to a different outpost.

If you’re out of immunity and you are sick of higher level players killing you all the time, use outposts to your advantage. After your outpost is attacked, you’re immune for 24 hours. Make an outpost for the sole purpose of getting attacked, use it to irritate other players into attacking it. Keep it week and keep the minimum amount of troops necessary around. You’ll keep half of your troops if all of you troops get killed in battle, so you won’t have to regenerate every time.

Otherwise, delete your account and begin a new game, grow your level as high as possible while you still have immunity, and then try to get in with stronger players’ alliances who are nearby you, or if you are the strong player, try to get the players nearby to join your alliance even if you have to bully them a bit in order to do so.

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When attacking another player’s base, if you want to ruin their troop numbers (since the game automatically regenerates half of all killed troops), send three or four small armies instead of one huge one, as long as the armies are big enough to do their damage. However, this doesn’t work with renegade and NPC bases, which regenerate 100% of their armies right after they get killed.

Base power cores get you your first three bases while fusion cores earn you outposts 4-6 and plasma cores earn you outposts 7-9. Your base and outposts are blue on the map, while your alliance’s bases are green. Renegades are yellow, while NPCs and other players not in your alliance are red.

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