War of Nations Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Brand New Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130702

Welcome to part 3 of the War of Nations tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

To go with what was being said about power cores before, if you decide to abandon your outpost, you won’t have to get any base power cores, fusion cores or plasma cores in order to build a replacement outpost. Your cores are never “used up”, each outpost simply requires a different amount of them, so there is no need to replace any cores.

If you want to farm the center of the map easily, once you build one outpost out there, establish at least one factory on your new outpost so that you can train even more troops without having to ship them over from the main base. This will make establishing new outposts go by MUCH more quickly, so that any time that you find a uranium or a titanium patch, you can establish a post on that and build a uranium drill or a titanium mine.

For training troops, level up your oil and iron before you level up anything else, because these will get heavily used up as you train troops. Fuel and money are used up more by buildings, research, etc, so level those up as you need to, but ALWAYS keep the oil and iron improving. Research new technologies to gain them more quickly as well.

Morale is an indicator of how many “hit points” a base has left. If your morale has dropped to zero, your base or outpost is either destroyed or captured.. Conversely, you can destroy or capture an enemy base or outpost by dropping its morale to 0.

An easy way to get attack points is to simply build an outpost that nobody wants to attack, send a ton of troops there, and then attack everybody that you can. Look for a patch of blank space on the map that’s entirely surrounded by mountains or forests. Set up an outpost, and the only thing on it will be a command center. Reinforce it by sending a massive amount of troops and commanders (preferably multiple commanders so that you can unleash many attacks at a time), and just demolish bases, preferably bases that are at least half an hour away in one direction. Nobody will want to attack you back because you’ll have absolutely no resources anywhere, just one isolated command center.