War of the Fallen: How to strengthen and forge cards

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War of the Fallen is the latest card battler by Zynga, who had major success with the smash hit Ayakashi Ghost Guild last year. You collect and battle cards, and the attack and defense of each card, and of your entire party in general, determine whether you win or lose, and strengthening your cards will be one of your biggest keys to winning, because it makes your deck stronger without using any extra attack or defense points. Forging cards will allow you to trade treasures for uncommon and rare cards. Read on to find out how to do both of these in War of the Fallen!

Strengthening cards can be done by going to the card menu and hitting “strengthen”. Choose a card that you want to strengthen, and then choose up to 8 cards that you want to sacrifice. Once you do, you have to pay a certain number of coins (it depends on the gaining card and the losing cards) in order to strengthen your card.

Once you strengthen your cards, they will gain many levels, as well as large amounts of attack and defense power. Strengthening one or two cards a LOT can enable you to have a much more powerful deck without sacrificing too many attack and defense points to do so, which can enable you to fight more battles at a time.

To forge cards, first, you have to get enough treasures to complete one collection. You can get more treasures by either going on quests, or winning battles. On the quests, there is one treasure possible per stage, but for battles, you can select your opponents by which treasure they have that you want. If you get battled and lose, though, you’ll lose a treasure unless you use a Magic Shield on it beforehand to protect it.

You can hold more than one of each type of treasure at a time, though. This is a good backup in case you want to protect cards, and it enables you to forge even more cards sooner.

Once you get enough treasures to forge one card, you can go to the forge menu and pick a card to forge. Then, you start the whole process over again, or look for another card to forge based on what different treasures you have.

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