Warbot Assault – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Warbot Assault is a new robot-centered beat-em-up for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features graphics that are reminiscent of old Soviet propaganda posters, and starts you off with two giant robots, one in Soviet colors and one in American colors, with your goal being to fight, equip them, then fight, then strengthen them again, and to keep repeating this cycle until you destroy every other competitor robot on earth. Read on for some tips and tricks for Warbot Assault!

Every time that you fight another robot, you lose a little bit of your stamina. Once all of your stamina is gone, you can’t play anymore rounds, so you either have to wait for it to come back or buy some more. The third option instead, though, is simply to go to the date and time settings on your phone or your tablet and set the time ahead. Do this and you will get a free stamina recharge.

If you set the time back to normal on your phone after you do this trick and then go back to the game, it will error it out for a minute or two. However, after it quits doing that, all of your restored stamina will still be there. Another way to restore all of your stamina instantly: gain an experience level. Try to time your last stamina usage so that you will level up after the same battle.

You have many different equipment slots, to include one arm slot for a weapon, one head slot and a legs slot, and then a whole assortment of defender slots. To power up your weapons, choose one piece of equipment that you want to keep, and then choose another piece (or multiple pieces) that you don’t mind getting rid of. Sacrifice that equipment to power up the piece you want to keep using the fuse option in order to strengthen it by increasing its experience levels.

Make use of your full range of attacks in this game, not just some of your attacks. Players oftentimes forget to let their defenders out, which is done by swiping downward in the middle of battle. Send your defenders out as often as possible because not only do they do damage to the enemies, but they suck up damage for you, allowing you to use them to protect yourself.

Don’t save your Liberty coins at all. Spend them as fast as you earn them (or buy them if you like to spend money on the game). Purchase the rare item crates and equip what’s inside in order to power yourself up greatly. Purchase the basic crate with your standard coins to find good common cards.

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