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WarFriends: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

WarFriends is a new PvP war game by Chillingo and About Fun for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to lead a small battalion into battle against other players’ small battalions, and defeat them with a combination of battle strategy, the right troop mix, and the strongest weapons. You can fight your way up the ranks, earncash and gold, and join squads to team up with other players for overall supremacy. Read on for some tips and tricks for WarFriends!

Player vs Player mode has a range of strategies that you can use, but one of them that rarely fails against your opposition’s leader is a combination of explosives and the sniper rifle. Fire an explosive directly at the barrier where the opposition’s leader is, then immediately switch to the sniper rifle, aim and wait for them to take off. Then shoot them to do a significant amount of damage.

Even if you don’t have time to play a battle, go to the “My Weapons” and “My Army” areas and keep the upgrades to your troops and your weapons going. While battle strategy is first and foremost for effectiveness, your weapon strength will provide an important edge against tougher players. Besides, you have plenty of cash to spend at almost all times so get rid of some of that extra cash with some smart expenditures.

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New weapons can either be earned by spending gold or ranking up, but on the weapons list, scroll to the right and some weapons might be available for cash. For example, the Bear is a primary weapon that you can buy for cash. This will last you until about rank 7, when you unlock a more powerful primary weapon than the Bear, but with upgrades and against base-level players, you’ll dominate easily.

On the maim new, you’ll often see a button that says Golden Suitcase Available. Tap it and an advertisement video will play and when it’s done, you will earn the golden suitcase. This can include cash, gold, new equipment for your leader, or even free VIP for a little while.

Get into a squad as soon as you can. You get an automatic 50-gold bonus for joining one plus you can trade WarCards with your clan mates, earn squad points towards global squad upgrades, and earn new BuddyCards. Make sure to get in with an active squad if you plan to be active in trading cards back and forth.