Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard is a possible first in the iOS App Store – a game developed by Apple itself. This game is a 3D cross between Paperboy and Angry Birds, in honor of Apple’s largest investor and his first job as a paperboy.

In Paper Wizard, the goal is to deliver papers to every house and building, fire them off as accurately as possible, and earn enough points to break Warren Buffett’s level record.

It’s not quite as easy as it looks, though, as there are plenty of obstacles to throw you off, as well as buildings of all distances to throw at. You go through Omaha, Nebraska, as well as Apple’s HQ in Cupertino, California.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard!

Your goal is to do two main things: hit as many targets as possible, and hit them in the middle of the target. Your first priority should be to go for 100% delivery accuracy, though. Deliver to all houses to maximize your scores.

Omaha is where this is really tough to do because every time you come to an intersection, you’ll have to aim at four houses in a row, one behind the other. So fire off the papers quickly, and aim for every house that you can.

Aim for the long distance houses first. To account for distance, you’ll have to aim farther above the target for houses that are farther away. For the houses that are close to you, you can aim true and hit the target.

Aim at the small circle in the center of the target, rather than just the big blue circle on the outside. The small white circle is worth 150 points for every time that you hit it.

The big blue circle is worth 100. Anything outside of the big blue circle is worth nothing, even if you hit the house that the target is on.

The highest score in the game is Warren Buffett’s high score of 15,350. The best that you can hope for without hacking the game is to tie that score, because the score is for hitting every single target with 100% accuracy on both levels.

Once you make it past Omaha, the game will automatically send you to Cupertino. The main differences here are in downtown, where you have to deal with several buildings that have multiple targets. Hit all of these targets, even if they are on the same building.

Finally, you’ll come to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. The game moves from left to right instead of right to left at that point, and a target will start almost off the screen at the beginning. Aim at it quickly and aim offscreen if you need to in order to hit it properly.

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