Wasteland Empires: How to get more Car Batteries, Diamond Saw Blades, Old Tires, Chains, Green Leather Thongs, Data Disks, Energy Cells, Propane Tanks, Sheet Metal, Wrenches, Metal Tubes and other essential items

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In Wasteland Empires, often it seems like it can be almost impossible to do everything that you need to do in order to advance in the game, such as to complete new buildings and complete new upgrades on buildings, thanks to the wealth of random items you seemingly have to have in order to be able to find new buildings. Car batteries are the worst, but there are other items that are fairly bad too when it comes to being rare and tough to find. So how do you go about finding these items that you need to advance even from the basic stages of the game? Read on.

Three of these items, those being scrap metal, chains, and wrenches, can be exchanged as gifts. If you have neighbors in Wasteland Empires, you can do one of two things: Post a bulletin asking for one of these three items, or send one of them as a gift, hoping that your neighbors will send them back. The second one is usually the best option, because neighbors usually return the favor when you send them gifts. If you don’t have neighbors you can check out the Wasteland Empires Add Me and Add Neighbors list.

Other items, such as the diamond saw blades, old tires, sheet metal, metal tubes, and every other item except the car battery, can usually be acquired by destroying one or another type of building when you are in a battle. Even if the building very rarely drops a certain item, just keep destroying more and more of them, and the item will eventually drop. The ones that you can’t get from destroying buildings will be available to acquire from all of the scraps and rubble that you find in your empire. There will basically always be more scraps and rubble to clear, so be sure to take advantage if you want to find the greatest number of items possible.

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To find out how exactly to get a specific item, there are two ways. The first way is to go to your inventory, look at items you already have, and look at the details, and it will tell you directly how to get more of that item. The second is to mouse over enemy buildings, and it will show you what items they tend to drop. The third way is to try to complete one of your buildings, and then mouse over the items that are needed for completion. It will tell you how to get those items.

To get the car batteries, add more and more neighbors. Adding neighbors in the game is the ONLY way to get car batteries right now. You can find more neighbors to be at the Wasteland Empires Add Me and Add Neighbors list.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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