Waves! (Voodoo): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Waves is a new boating game by Voodoo where your goal is to race your boat, collect money by doing stunts, and upgrade your boat so that you can do more stunts, earn more money, and even explore new areas without running out of fuel. You can move from the city to the forest to the desert, earn millions, billions, and trillions, and jump to insane heights. Read on for some tips and tricks for Waves!

You can upgrade four different things – your boat speed, fuel tank capacity, flip coins, and your offline earnings. Your flip coins are the most important one to upgrade and should usually be upgraded before anything else, as the coins per flip increase exponentially, and the increase in coins per level gets higher as your upgrade level does. Same thing with your offline income.

Watch out for your boat to bounce after you land, especially after a big jump. This happens slightly more often as your boat speed increases, but not often enough to make it not worth upgrading your boat speed. You’ll have to focus so that you don’t flip your boat over by accident. If it’s a big enough rebound jump, you can do a quick flip and stick that perfect landing.

A perfect landing will give you more fuel; additionally, it will also cause you to move much faster and jump higher, so you can do more flips in a single jump. To get a perfect landing, all that you have to do is land flat on the hull of the boat. Don’t land tail-first or nose-first – land completely flat. Do this multiple times in a row to go into fever mode, which greatly increases speed and jumping height.

The upgrade that you should completely ignore, for the most part, when you get further into the game, is fuel tank capacity. There is no point in increasing fuel tank capacity if you are not running your fuel out completely, then forget about the upgrade. When you can consistently run your tank out, then upgrade your fuel.

To get the longest distance possible, though, practice maxing out your fuel until you run out your fuel tank, and increase the speed of your boat. The faster that your boat can go, the quicker you can break your old record. Your best score will show up right below your current score. Pay attention to it so that you can keep track of how far you go.

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