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We Are Illuminati: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

We Are Illuminati is a new conspiracy-themed clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms by clicker magnate Tapps Games. Your goal in this game is to brainwash as many followers as possible using various means such as controlling corporations, planting fake news, and making friends with the reptilians. You can convert people into lackeys, buy all sorts of upgrades, and rack up an insanely huge list of followers. Read on for some tips and tricks for We Are Illuminati!

Keep on the lookout for all of the bonus rewards that pop up. Some are limited-edition and some are always available. What’s always available is the double-follower boost, which is activated by tapping on the little clock icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. When the phone icon pops up in the top right corner, tap it and you can earn some free gems or a time warp for free by watching a video ad.

When you get far enough into the follower earning, you’ll be able to prestige and convert followers into lackeys, which give you a permanent percentage boost of 3% each, so once you get up to 1,000 or so, you’ll really begin to notice the difference. If you’re still making easy progress, though, don’t prestige right away. Wait until you get as far as you can without being able to make much good progress, and then prestige so that you can max out the lackeys.

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You can then spend lackeys on other upgrades, such as multipliers to the corporations or even to all businesses, and upgrades to how much of a bonus each lackey is worth. Before doing this, though, make sure you’ll have enough lackeys left over so that you don’t accidentally tank your bonus. Generally, you shouldn’t spend more than 1/5 of your lackeys on any one upgrade.

Don’t forget the regular follower upgrades, too. The managers, of course, will automate one thing at a time. The upgrades menu, which is in the icon next to the managers menu, will double the follower-gain of a specific area.

Once you hit a specific milestone in levels, you’ll gain double as well. Every time you hit a level that’s a multiple of 25, your income for that specific area will double. Once you fill up your star count to 5 and then hit a multiple of 25 again, you’ll move up to silver tier (level 150 is when this happens). At level 300, you’ll move up to the gold tier. Level 450 will move you up to platinum.