We Happy Restaurant: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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We Happy Restaurant is a bizarre and hilariously unethical new restaurant simulator for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a semi-dangerous, semi-radioactive restaurant and serve food that mutates, or “turns” customers. You can load up on cash and green essences, manage the various customers that enter your restaurant, and buy increasingly bizarre machines to serve them all sorts of food. You can then expand your restaurant, buy a warehouse and a sauce factory, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for We Happy Restaurant!

Your customers and cashiers can both be sped up manually during specific circumstances. When your customers are sitting and eating, tap them and you can help them to digest the food faster. When your cashiers are helping someone, you can tap them to help serve the customers quicker. Take advantage of the manual tapping to help your servers work faster and to empty tables quicker so that you can serve more customers.

Green Essence is the premium currency of the game. The main way to get more of it is to buy it in the in-app purchase store, but if you want to get more of it for free, tap on the dude next to the TV and you’ll be able to watch an ad video for 5 free Green Essences. You can watch up to five videos a day for a total of 25 green essence per day.

Oftentimes you’ll come to your restaurant and find a whole sea of unhappy customers. When you come to this, it’s almost impossible to persuade them to be happy, and oftentimes it’s more expensive than you’ll be able to afford because you would have to load up on machines. Instead, tap and resell the customers to get immediate cash, and use the cash to buy what you would have needed anyways, such as more or better machines.

Keep doing upgrades and eventually you’ll be able to upgrade your entire restaurant, which allows you to add another production line as well as more cashiers. You can buy repeats of the same machines, so take a look at what your customers are requesting the most and use that to decide what to buy next.

Tap on the random buildings to the left of the restaurant and you’ll be able to purchase all kinds of goodies. Individual boosts such as the secretary, agent, and biochem will be available for direct in-app purchases. Of course, you can buy more Green Essence. Best of all, you can buy a warehouse and use it to make sauces by going to the far left corner of the building cluster and paying 20,000 cash for the warehouse. Then you will be able to complete the sauce-related quests.

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