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We Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

We Heroes is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You have a big collection of heroes and your goal is to quest through numerous stages, both single player and multiplayer, build up your cast of heroes to unimaginable strength, and use various forms of equipment to upgrade your heroes to unimaginably strong levels. Read on for ome tips and tricks for We Heroes!

After you beat a stage, you can use a sweep ticket to sweep it, which means that you’ll beat the stage immediately, in two seconds, and still earn the full rewards that you would have earned for beating the stage normally. Sweep multiple different stages in order to earn the widest variety of equipment. Sweep higher-difficulty versions of stages that you’ve already beaten to earn rarer equipment.

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Otherwise, the primary method of strengthening your troops is gaining experience levels, which is done through battling, but also through the various EXP potions that you earn from battles. Look for soulstones, and you can use them to get new characters and add them to your party as well. Once you have all of the soulstones for one character, you will be able to summon them, or if you already have that character, you can evolve them.

There are plenty of ways to earn gems for free without having to buy them in the in-app purchase store. One way to do so is to check the events, as there are usually ways to load up there. For example, right now, registering and posting on the forum is worth gems. Later on, something else will come up from the developer that can earn free currencies and prizes.

Always be sure to check the two wishing chests. The silver chest will have more common items and soulstones, while the gold chest will have the rarer stuff. Both of them (more likely the gold chest) will also offer entire characters for free on rare occasions, allowing you to skip the entire soulstone requirements.

You can unlock all kinds of new goodies as your player level increases, so to increase your player level quickly, complete the last stage that you’ve beaten (or newer stages) and set the battle on auto (only on older stages). As player levels increase, bonuses will flow in as well. Especially important is the merchant, which will allow you to buy items, and will reload its inventory with time, making it a far easier job to upgrade your characters.