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Weed Boss 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Weed Boss 2 is a new pot-centered clicker game for iOS platform. This cannabis fest is fairly similar to the original Weed Boss, but with quite a few more new features. The goal is to go from the local hippy growing weed in your basement, up to the runner, to the weed lord, and finally to become the Weed Boss. Read on for some tips and tricks for Weed Boss 2!

Each time that you gain an experience level, you unlock a new strain of weed. You won’t make any extra money from new new strain of weed. All that it will do is change the color of the buds that are in your ziplock bag. Tap on the weed icon on the left side to pick from the various unlocked strains and to see what’s next at the next level.

If you want to make more money per bud that you tap, go to the blue ribbon icon and purchase a new reputation upgrade. The higher your reputation upgrade, the more money that you make per tap. This is the most important upgrade that you can make in this game as it will cause your dollars per tap to skyrocket.

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To earn money without even tapping at all, hit the little icon that looks like a globe and start purchasing new locations, or upgrading locations that you have already purchased. This will allow you to set the phone down for as long as you want and let the cash keep piling up; however, it won’t make any offline income. Once you can afford to do so, purchase the offline production upgrade to allow your territory to keep making money when your game is off.

Stay away from clicking the Weed Boss and Weed Kingpin logos at the top corners of the screen. If you click them, then those games will pop up on the app store, and then after you close it and return back to Weed Boss 2, a whole round of ads will start popping up too. Close out of them and eventually they will stop.

Hit the house icon to purchase a farm and various upgrades in it, which will collect and harvest weed whether you are offline or online. Hit the cash register icon and you can purchase more W’s (or bucks). Or you can watch a video in order to earn 3,000 free W’s. This is a great way to get a ton of W’s starting off, but as you upgrade your reputation it becomes a rather useless upgrade.