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Weed Firm 2: Back to College – tips and cheats to grow tons of weed, smoke up and get rich!

Weed Firm 2: Back to College is the sequel to the smash hit original and its RePlanted incarnation.

This Android and iOS game plays a lot like the original, but with a good bit more strategy involved.

You’ll see familiar characters such as Malone and the alien, and new characters alike.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Weed Firm 2: Back to College!

This game places more emphasis on smoking weed in the game. You have to smoke with customers in order to increase their respect meter.

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Smoking up will also maintain your own high. If you’re running out of weed or customers aren’t coming quickly enough for your liking, watch a free video or hit the “share” button to get your high meter filled up again.

Since all of these steps will require you to have significantly more pot, make sure to grow as much of it as possible.

Max out the number of pots you have even if you have nothing but crappy pots available in your store.

As you level up and you earn more money, start replacing pots with better pots. Tap the chairs underneath of them to get rid of them, or just let Malone steal them.

Load up on weed so that you don’t have to turn customers away when they come to the door, as that will drop the respect meter too.

Keep the respect meter full, as not only will you get a better price for your product, but customers will have other items that they’ll want to sell you too.

For example, the fake growers’ license will keep Malone at bay, and the safe will allow you to hide money from the gangsters.

Aliens can be a bit much to deal with too. You have to get the key to the changing room from Dean Crook, and then you can grow Magic Mushrooms, which the aliens like.

Get the universal translator from Veluna Mankasian, and you will be able to understand what the aliens are saying.

You can customize your room in order to get customers coming by more frequently. With the respect meter in mind, though, grow and stash as much weed as you can before you do, because with more frequent visits, you will end up running out of weed more easily.

If customers are overwhelming you, sign out of the game for awhile while your pot is growing, then go back and collect it later.