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Weed Firm: Full Walkthrough – Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Page 4

Other items can be purchased in the game. Some of these will seem utterly useless, such as the couch. The couch can be purchased from Nancy, and the game tells you that you can let people crash at your place. You can’t; however, after purchasing the couch, every one of your weed sales will earn you 2 base experience points instead of 1 base experience point.

Once you hit level 11, the alien will show up. He will demand to trade your weed for experience points, to the tune of 1 experience point for every 3 weed that you give him. If you turn him down, though, he’ll take all of your experience points. This doesn’t hurt much if you have just gained a level, but this can be DEVASTATING if your are right about to gain a level. Use the weed-for-experience trade to level up rapidly.

Tap on his “warp to another world” icon, and you have the option to spend $4.99 or the equivalent in whatever country you’re in, in order to gain one level instantly. Or, if you want to get rid of the alien with no changes to your experience points, buy the painting from Mary and hang it on the wall. Tell the alien to piss off and he’ll steal the painting instead of your experience points.

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Wanna buy stuff from customers at a discount? Give them a bong or a joint first, and they will drop the price. The price drop will be the same every time, no matter what, and no matter which of the two smoking implements you decide to use.

Finally, the lap dance game is a good way to gain experience points. Tip eight times, and you will gain 10 experience points. Tip 6 more times, and you will gain 100 experience points. If you go immediately back to the lapdance game afterwards, and tip once, then the game will crash, but you’ll gain an additional 110 experience points.

And no, before you ask, there is no way to make Nancy strip naked without the censor circles over her strategic areas. That just isn’t going to happen.

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