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Weed Firm: Full Walkthrough – Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Weed Firm is a new game for the Android and iOS platforms that places you in the shoes of Ted Growing, a young high school dropout, somewhat reminiscent of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, who is tasked with taking care of an established dealer’s weed stash. From there, you’ll grow the business from a little obscure operation to a large moneymaking profit center that’s targeted by aliens, gangsters and cops alike. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Weed Firm!

When you first begin Weed Firm, you’ll only have one strain of weed available to you, as well as one type of water and one type of pot. Plant the seed in the pot, then water it and the seed will grow. Make sure to keep the water level above 0 percent in order to get the weed to grow completely. Once it’s fully grown, you can harvest it, which adds to your weed stash, and sell it to customers when they come to the door.

You’ll unlock many new things as you gain experience levels. Early on in the game, and even beyond that, the way to grow your experience level rapidly is to follow the quests that are given on the blackboard. They start off simple, such as the quest to buy a new pot or to accumulate 1,000 dollars. They remain simple, but they become far more difficult and time consuming to finish as you continue forward in the game.

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Once you hit level 2, you’ll have to begin worrying about the gangsters Jesus and Jhamal robbing you and stealing your weed. You’ll have to pay them off to keep them from doing that. There will be times when you don’t have the money to do so though, so it’s best to always keep a stash of seeds and water around so that you can rebuild after your stuff gets taken.

If the gangsters take everything and you have no seeds or water, then go to the “share” button in the store and start sharing via email, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or whatever one of the many methods you so choose. For every share, you get 100 cash, and you can do up to ten shares every 24 hours in this game.

Later on, at level 5, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase the safe from Lee the mechanic. The safe will allow you to hide all of the money and weed that you want, so that if you get robbed by gangsters and refuse to pay them off, they can’t access the weed or the money.

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