Weed Firm gets deleted from the App Store after hitting number 1

By | 20140521

Well, folks, it’s official. Weed Firm is the new Flappy Bird. After hitting the top spot in the App Store, the game’s been pulled off of the App Store. Why? Who knows? There are still plenty of pot-related games on the App Store, which is why the pulling of Weed Firm is making absolutely zero sense.

There’s been no official word, press release, or anything regarding the mysterious disappearance of Weed Firm. Even stranger is the fact that Manitoba Games’ website now appears to be blank. While it used to contain press releases and even mention of an upcoming sequel called Weed Firm 2, now it just redirects to the currently-vacant spot that Weed Firm once occupied.

What we do know is that Weed Firm wasn’t without controversy. When it was known as Weed Farm, Apple rejected it, and while it initially got accepted onto the Google Play store, they, too, ended up parting ways with the game. As Weed Firm, it got accepted onto both app stores, but now it’s gone from both of them. Did Apple and Google do it, or did Manitoba Games?

Plenty of outrage and hand-wringing from “concerned parents”, or something like that, followed this game, with the cries growing louder as the game gained popularity and made its rapid rise to the top. Now, with Weed Firm having disappeared from the App Store without a trace, the controversy ends. However, anyone who downloaded it before and hasn’t deleted it can still play it to their heart’s content.

Like Flappy Bird, Weed Firm will probably become one of those mythical games that everybody speaks of for about a month or two. After that, expect devices with Weed Firm installed to start selling on eBay for a hefty profit, and then expect trolls to bid the prices up sky high. Then expect clones to start appearing all over the App Store – not to the same degree as happened to Flappy Bird, considering that Apple will most likely reject many of them, but guaranteed plenty of them will end up slipping past the censors.

So if you’re in Colorado, you know what to do in honor of this now-deceased game. If you’re not in Colorado, then celebrate in your own way – smoke a cigarette or something. Or, even better, keep watching the App Store. You never know if Weed Firm will end up making a comeback eventually.

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