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Weed Firm – How to win without spending any real-life money, page 2

The cop can also make you feel hopeless if he does full damage to you. He won’t touch your money or your weed, but any pot with a plant in it will be confiscated. Simple solution for him? When he knocks on the door and your plants aren’t grown yet, go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead enough to finish growing the plants. Then go back to Weed Firm and harvest them. Then go to the door and tell the cop to piss off and he won’t steal any of your pots.

Alternatively, once you hit level 14, you can buy Nancy’s panties. They’ll hang up on the wall just like Mary’s paintings at level 11. When the cop comes by, tell him to piss off and he’ll steal the panties and leave the pots alone, regardless of whether or not they have plants in them.

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When the alien comes, he will give you the option to pay 5 dollars to gain an experience level immediately, but instead of doing this, use cheats and glitches to gain rapid experience points. One glitch involves Jane the stripper. Get a full session and you’ll earn 110 experience points. Once you’re done, immediately try to go back in for another session. After the first tip the game will crash. Open it again and you’ll have an additional 110 experience points, for a total of 220.

Another way to gain fast experience is to plant weed, water it, then set the time ahead, go back, start a vinyl record, then harvest it, and repeat over and over again until the record is done playing. If you’re at least level 11, do this trick with the Purple Haze or Alien Crossbreed to earn tons of weed, then when the alien shows up, sell him your stash for an insane quantity of experience points.

For earning cash faster, there aren’t any glitches, so buy the upgrades in the store (the wood flooring, wallpaper, then the lion wallpaper) to make customers show up more frequently. Alternatively, do your 10 shares a day, then set the time ahead by 24 hours (plus maybe 30 minutes or so just to make sure) and do the 10 daily shares again, over and over again.

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