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Weed Firm – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 5

Eventually you’ll unlock the couch, which seems like the most worthless purchase in the entire game. The couch’s effect is subtle yet it adds up. It doubles the base experience points that you earn from selling weed. You still earn the same from harvesting or smoking a bong or joint with one of your customers, but you’ll earn double for selling it.

A glitch in the lapdance minigame causes your experience points to double. Immediately after you finish off a lapdance, without closing Jane’s menu, tap the lapdance button again. This will cause the game to crash. Open the game back up and you’ll have an extra 110 experience on top of the 110 experience you already got for completing the whole lapdance.

When you hit level eleven, the aliens will show up and will demand to trade your weed for experience. This can be an extremely fast way to gain experience (1 experience for 3 weed) but if you refuse, you’ll lose all of your experience. Buy the painting from Mary the artist first, and if you tell the alien to piss off, he’ll steal the painting and leave your exp alone.

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When you do the time lapse cheat, if you’re playing a vinyl record, it won’t shut off. Use the time lapse cheat to grow weed rapidly (the cheat involves setting the time ahead on your phone) and growing the most expensive strain of weed you can afford in all 12 pots. Play music immediately before you harvest, plant again, do the time lapse again, and harvest again before the record ends to get the boosted experience points again.

After you purchase the shotgun from Mike the plumber, you will have a new line of defense against the gangsters and you won’t need to hide your goods in the safe anymore. You’ll have a new option to “shoot” Jamal and Jesus, and if you do, you’ll end up stealing some of their cash instead.

Always smoke with your customers before you buy a big ticket item from them. This is especially helpful with Mary’s painting as it will drop the price all the way down from 7,000 cash to 3,500 cash. Other items will drop by about 1/3 of the price if you do this first.

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